Julius Malema Drops A Bombshell After Discovering This Unexpected News About The ANC || See Why

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It has now been three weeks since the opposition parties have been granted the opportunity to campaign for the upcoming local government election to be held on the 1st of November. This is the only time where political parties are given the chance to make all the promises to the people of South Africa of which they are not satisfied with the service delivery which the ruling party has made. This is because a lot of South Africans are in the deep cry for service delivery as their ward councilors are no longer caring for the needs of the people as they are now been implicated in corruption.

Julius Malema drops a bombshell after discovering this unexpected news about the ANC. This is because the African National Congress is doing the same thing over and over again by handing out AMC t-shirts to buy votes of which Julius Malema is against it. This is because they only do this to curse the minds of South Africans so they can cast their votes for the ruling party that is not ready to sort out their issues.

It is never a secret that both parties want to win the local government election so that they can win and do what they have promised to do for the people of South Africa. Julius Malema has been making promises that the ruling party has not been doing and this includes the ruling party failing to feel pity for the social grant recipient.

This is because they are not allowing them to pay social service of which troubles their problems and according to Malema feel that these services will be paid for by those who are rich. This is because the poor people have been suffering and will continue to suffer more if they are allowed to pay for services of which the wealthy people can afford to pay for those services without being pressured or troubled.

What is your intake on this and what do you think about Julius Malema's promises?

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