See 5 Players Whose Careers Were Ruined By Lionel Messi


Messi is a football legend. He may even be considered as the best player(although this contention seems to be unending). Unfortunately, his greatness seemed to have dimmed and overshadowed the lights on many of his teammates' careers.

Here are 5 players whose careers were ruined by Messi.

#1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The famous swede got to Camp Nou in 2009 to fill the shoes left behind by Samuel Eto'o. However, after he had scored 22 goals in his debut season, Zlatan was no longer welcomed by Barca fans due to their undivided love for Messi. Also because the Zlatan could not win the Champions League with Barca, he was loaned to AC Millan the next season at a reduced fee.

#2. Samuel Eto'o

The Professional Cameroonian striker was a star player at Barcelona for several years, he was also a key man in their treble-winning team as at 2009. Unfortunately, reports have it that there were clashes in the dressing room as the star player refused the offer to play a secondary role to Messi. He left Barca in 2009 but however won another Champions League at Inter Milan the next season.

#3. Alexis Sanchez

Sanchez joined Barca for £25 million in 2011. The energetic player arrived Catalonia with a lot of hype, where he was expected to repeat a CR7-like role for the club. However, this dream was shattered because Sanchez and Messi could not combine effectively. Some of his best games in Barca were played when Messi was not on pitch.

#4. Pedro

Pedro was able to achieve a lot at the age of 27. The gifted winger had come a long way and gained a lot of reputation in Barca. Sadly, the club's decision to change his position(more than once) to accommodate Messi's playing style killed the star in Pedro.

#5. David Villa

The player who was considered as the best striker on the world seemed to lose this 'name' after he left Valencia in 2009. David Villa got into Barca in 2009 and spent a lot of time playing with Messi on pitch. He was however overshadowed by Messi as Messi became the 'New Goat'. David Villa left Barca in search of pastures in MLS.

Who's Career do you think was ruined by Messi the Most?

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