I would have regretted studying nursing if I followed the trend abroad - UK-based Ghanaian

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UK-based Ghanaian Millicent Osei Mensah has stated that she decided not to follow the trend of studying nursing as many Ghanaians do when they travel abroad because many only go into that field for the money. 

In an interview on Daily Hustle Worldwide, Mrs Mensah mentioned that it is wrong for newbies abroad to blindly follow advice instead of a career they are passionate about. Millicent believes there are many opportunities for Blacks in the UK, and they are at liberty to do anything. 

“I was considering it, but I conceived when I was about to begin school. So I always thank God for giving birth at the time because I would have regretted it. I didn't have any passion for nursing. I’m even scared of taking shots,” she said. 

According to Millicent, many Ghanaians are misled by relatives living abroad and accept their suggestions without finding out about the other opportunities.

“Africans don’t read, and so we take whatever people say. They told me that for Blacks, nursing is the best option to make money, and you will accept because they have lived here for long years.

You may think they have the right information, but it is wrong. There are many opportunities for Black people. You need to go to the right places for the opportunities,” she said on SVTV Africa.

Mrs Mensah mentioned that she decided to get into business while caring for her five children. She also shared some insights into life in the UK. 

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