2 Ways Soludo's Victory At Supreme Court Will Boost His Chances In Anambra Election

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The Supreme Court of Nigerian has finally delivered judgment on the contentious issue of who is the authentic governorship candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) in Anambra State.

The governorship election is less than a month from now, yet, the matter was not finalized until today. According to a report by Daily Post, the five-man panel of the Supreme Court ruled that Prof. Charles Soludo is the authentic candidate of APGA for the Anambra election. The Apex Court also declared that Victor Oye is the authentic National Chairman of APGA after it dismissed the appeal filed by Jude Okeke.

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Meanwhile, Soludo's victory will help to boost his chances in the Anambra governorship election scheduled to take place on November 6, 2021. This article will discuss two ways Soludo's victory will help to do this following the judgment of the Supreme Court.

First, this victory will boost the morale of Soludo and his campaign team. Come to think of it, the Supreme Court is the court of final resort. It means that nobody will challenge Soludo's candidacy again. Before now, the legal tussles were like cogs in the wheel of Soludo and his campaign team. Although, they may be confident but they were never too sure of winning the case because it could actually have gone either ways. But now, they can push, mobilize and campaign with full confidence knowing for sure that Soludo is the authentic candidate of APGA. Yet, nobody can challenge this again since the High Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court have all decided it.

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Second, Soludo's victory can unify APGA ahead of the election on November 6. Those who understand politics well will know that politicians will ensure that they explore all the alternative means possible before giving up if things fail to work in their favour. Now that the faction(s) opposing Soludo's candidacy has/have lost at the Supreme Court, they may come back to join the mainstream APGA fold that produced Soludo which is also backed by Governor Willie Obiano. Yes, politics works this way.

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On his own side, Soludo is most likely going to accept them to help him win the election. After all, in politics, there is no permanent friends or enemies but permanent interest. In this regard, no wise politician will refuse the sincere help of former opponents who want to help him/her to win an election.

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Every wise politicians will do everything including working with former opponents to win the election first because that is the bigger picture. This judgment will unify APGA to head to the poll as a united front since the Supreme Court also ended the leadership crisis by recognizing Oye as the authentic National Chairman of the party.

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