NAF Aircraft On Routine Mission in Northeast Vanishes from Radar


Inorder to ward off external or internal aggression against the sovereignty and safety of a nation, military has been established.

A typical nation such as the United States of America (US)military has 5 branches:

*the Army


*Air Force


*Coast Guard.

However, the primary functions of the Airforce include the following:

1.Maritime surveillance

2.Search and Rescue

3.Disaster Relief


5.Civil Assistance

6.Transportation and logistics

7.Antarctic Support

Meanwhile,reliable news reports have indicated that a Nigerian Air Force (NAF) aircraft on official security mission in North-east has lost contact with the monitoring radar.

Newsmen were made to understand that the aircraft was dispatched to offer assistance to the military men at one of the theatres of operation in the Northern part of Nigeria.

In a brief message made available to the public, Air Commodore Edward Gabkwet who is the Director of Public Relations and Information (DOPRI)has confirmed the development.

The statement released indicated that NAF aircraft on routine mission to assist the Nigerian troops at one of the Theatres of Operation in the Northern part of Nigeria has disappeared from its radar contact.

The DOPRI, however, assured the nation that discreet efforts have already being launched to locate the lost NAF aircraft,saying that details on the developments will be duly provided later.

It should be noted that insecurity in Nigeria has been going on for a long time now with the incidents of kidnapping and lost of lives due to the activities of insurgents especially in the Northeast part of the country.

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