Bad News to The Following Counties As President Announce Bad News


In his Public location over the specific flood of Coronavirus cases, the president true to form overhauled a portion of the Coronavirus control estimates that were diminished. 

The president has brought some more tight measures pointed toward containing the spread of the infection. 

He has requested conclusion of certain districts which incorporate Nairobi, Machakos, Kajiado, Kiambu and Nakuru which has been secured. These areas have announced high increment number in certain cases for Covid-19. 

The president has likewise evaluated the check in time in these five districts, the time limitation is set to begin at 8pm to 4am. 

The president has likewise requested for conclusion of all learning establishments in the country. Rejected are the clinical establishments and the structure four competitors who are embraced their end of the year tests. 

Every one of these actions have been embraced to guarantee the infection spread is contained with quick impact. 

The check in time in the leftover 42 areas have been held as they are at present that is from 10pm to 4am.