Video: Is this editing or real? Check for yourself as woman believed to be "Ghost" disappeared live.


Infact, a lot of things are really happening these days of which is mostly difficult to understand. There is this fast trending viral video of a woman believed to be a ghost who disappeared live. It was recorded by an unknown person sitting comfortably in his living room watching News and it is believed he was not alone as he was heard talking to someone else at the background.

In the course of the News he was watching, I don't know what happened that makes him decided to record, whether he knew what was about to happen or not, that will be left for him to explain. The news he was watching was about a man granting an interview about "Taxi Operators", but as people were passing at the background, one woman beleived to be ghost who is dressed all- white coming from the left side to the right side disappeared all of the sudden.

Am still confused about the video so I decided to share with you guys to watch for yourself and share your opinion whether It is editing or real, because the one recording was heard telling someone to watch out as if he knew what was about to happen. Please Follow my page for more updates and join my Telegram Channel  through the link below for all the gist. (

Watch the video for yourself;


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