Date Rush: Benita and Hayford Spotted Doing Shopping In The Market

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Newly Date Rush partners, Benita and Hayford were captured on camera spending some lovely time together at the market today, 25th June.

Apparently, the two of them went to the market to buy food stuff.

Circulating pictures show the moment they were making the purchase.

After that, Hayford carried the items they bought on his head whiles holding his partner's hand.

Netizens have reacted to the pictures after it was posted on the Facebook wall of TV3 today. Many have applauded the young man for showing his majority level by carrying the items instead of leaving them in the hands of his partner.

Some people have also expressed their trust and hope for the future of the two lovers. They prayed that both of them should find happiness and love in each other's hearts.

Benita and Hayford got connected on last week's episode of the Date Rush show on TV3. Benita decided to choose Hayford out of the rest of the 10 guys who were competing for her.

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