Wetang'ula in Trouble as Allegations rise Over deals with Greek Ballot Printers.

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The Kenya kwanza Alliance coalition key principal who is also the Ford Kenya political party leader Moses Wetangula is in trouble over the new allegations of being involved with deals with a certain Greek ballot printer company.

As reported in the Nation newspaper, Wetangula has been in touch with these ballot printers off late as days to elections continue to elapse.

If this allegations are true then this means that the Senator is planning a kind of multi practice or cheating that will saw the Alliance producing its ballot paper differently from other legit election ballot papers.

Cases of elections cheating usually interfere with the elections results hence can create conflict. If the allegations are true, the government should keenly investigate the issue and block any entry of ghost electoral ballot papers in the country. By doing this the government will be propelling for free and fair elections that will prevent any post election violence from occurring.

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