Nairobi CBD's Most Popular Buildings and Businesses they are Popular For


Have you ever visited Nairobi CBD only to be stranded wondering where to get what you need? Don't worry because in this content I direct you to some of the most popular buildings in Nairobi CBD and what you can purchase from there

1.Imenti House, Tom Mboya/Moi Avenue

Imenti House is one of the most popular business buildings in Nairobi CBD. From these buildings you can get fashionable clothes at very affordable prices. Computer and mobile accessories are also available, not to forget boutiques, manicure and pedicure services. Visit Imenti House, you wont be dissappointment.

Photo: Imenti House, Nairobi, Photo Courtesy

2.Sky Mall, Luthuli Avenue

Sky Mall is popular for all kind of electronics, especially music and video systems. If you need TVs, home theaters, hoofers and other related accessories, please visit Sky Mall. They'll even help you find what you need that they do not have.

Photo: Sky Mall Luthuli Avenue, Photo Courtesy

3.Mutaratara, River Road

Mutaratara House is another popular building within the Nairobi CBD. The building is known for all sorts of printing services from stationery, receipts, t-shirts and textbooks. In fact if you visit the building, youll be able to weigh on the prices and find affordable printing partners. Around the building are also other buildings with same services.

4.Sawa Mall, Moi Avenue

Popular for music instruments, sashion and beauty products.

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5.Jamia Mall, Bazaar

Popular for home decors, curains, saloons and beauty shops.

6.Afya Centre, Tom Mboya

Afya Centre is that building which has embraced economic diversity. The building holds offices, more so business agencies and at least one of the businesses mentioned in the buildings above.

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7.Cianda Mall, Mfangano Street

Clothes fashion and beauty products. Not to forget the cheap meals

8.Bazaar, Moi Avenue

This building has a wide range of businesses. Beauty products, gift shops and fashion products.