5 Deadly Diseases That Can Make A Man Unable To Impregnate Any Woman

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It can only happen when a healthy male gamete from a healthy male meets up with a healthy ovum. Basically, this means that the man who wants to get pregnant must be healthy.

He must also be free of certain illnesses and diseases to be able to do so. In some cases, certain diseases make it hard for a man to mate with a woman. Some of them are:


This is one of the things that can make it impossible for a man to get a woman pregnant. Oligospermia is when very few male gametes are made. All men should get medical help as soon as this starts to happen.


One more thing that can make it hard to get pregnant is this: This is when no male gametes are made, or the sperm don't show up in the liquid fluid that carries them.

A lot of people get gonorrhea and chlamydia at the same time.

There are two things that can make it hard for a man to get pregnant with a woman. These things are: These two STDs are the most likely to be caused by infertility because they can cause PID in women.

This can cause the fallopian tubes to become inflamed and scarred, making it hard for the male and female gametes to find each other, which can stop pregnancy from taking place. Everyone should try to avoid this kind of sickness.



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