Paul Pogba's reason for wearing one arm sleeve for Man Utd revealed


Manchester United's midfielder Paul Pogba is known for class and swag. He is one of the most stylish Football players.

Currently playing for Manchester United as a Midfielder. The French man is know for his flashy hairstyles,social media life and all the fanfare.

He was always getting the criticism from the fans for not giving his all but it looks like be bas finally gotten back the trust and believe kf the fans.

Recently,his dressing has raised loads of eyebrows. He is known for wearing a arm protector during matches.

Before now,the fans usually thinks it's of those things. Some said it is Paul Pogba trying to do his thing. Although he has admitted now come out to reveal that he is trying to make the style his own trademark,he has now let out the reasons he has been putting it on.

In his words:

"It actually started with my right elbow, so I put it on my right,and I had the same problem with my left, so I started playing with this "