Check Out The School Where The Billionaire Business Man Jimmy Wanjigi Did His A Level Education.


Jimmy Wanjigi joined Saint Mary's School in the 1970s.The school was established in 1939 by Holy Ghost Fathers in Parklands.In 1945,the school was moved to a land that belonged to Saint Austin Mission.The present day builds were completed in 1954.

Saint Mary's School was established as a day boys school.Saint Mary's is located next to their sister school Loreto Covenant Msongari.The students in this school are encouraged to participate in extra curricular activities such as sports and drama.

The school has a large theatre that has been staging musical competition since 1971.The theatre has always been open to the general public.

Saint Mary's School has been ranked among the best public schools in the country.In 2013,the school had 107 students who scored B+ in their KCSE examination.

The school has been known to produce Alumni who became important people in the society such as;

•Gideon Moi-current Baringo senator

•Uhuru Kenyatta-the current president of Kenya.

•Jeff Koinage -popular Kenyan news presesenter.


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