"Kesho Hutapa Amani Kanisani, Ambia Mshirika Alipe Deni," Online Loan Lenders Threaten Pastor


Most of Kenyans have been borrowing Online loans to cater for their bills with the hopes that they will pay later. Online loans is among the loans that are very easy to borrow but paying becomes very difficult due to high interest loans. The loan lenders are forced to make regular calls to the person's who borrowed money inorder to ask them to pay.

Kenyans have come out to speak of the challenge that they have been facing after borrowing online. Pastor Kani Ngure has said that he has been receiving calls from the loans lender asking him to pay a loan borrowed by one of his followers. Pst. Ngure has added that he has also been receiving threatening message if he will not pay the loan.

"Kesho kanisani hutakuwa na amani tutakuoigia ukiwa kwanza haoo kwa alters. Ambia hiyo mshirika wakonalipe deni. Sacha kwanza tuongeze hiyo rate kidogo", narrated the pastor. He added that his wife was insulted when she picked the phone to enquire on what was happening. Depsite of some Kenyans coming out and speak of the challenges they have been facing some money lending companies have distanced themselves from the allegations.

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