Meet The Heaviest Man On Earth Who Eats None-stop And Weighs 1,310 Pounds (Photos)


The weight that we have is sometimes depending on inheritance or because we consume too much of junk foods. No matter which of the two it is about, we can always control our weight by putting in alot of hardwork doing some daily exercise.

Your size is important, because people tend to define your well-being and they can easily understand your physical ability through their size. It is recommended that your weight should always be equivalent to your height, and it is abnormal to have alot of weight or weight lesser than normal.

It is very essential to embark on a balanced diet daily routine and also to workout physically so as to achieve a healthy weight. Interestingly, some overlook this and end up weighing over or under.

This is all about a plus sized man called Juan Pedro Franco who is from Mexico and is presently the record holder of the biggest man in the world right now. He weighed about 595kg (1, 310pounds) over a half ton. This man made history as the heaviest man in the world.

Although, the heaviest man on earth was an a man from America who goes by the name Jon Brower Monnoch but unfortunately he died sometimes ago and that makes Pedro Franco retained his title as the heaviest man on earth.

What do you think he should do to loose some weight? Your opinion matters alot