I Used To Take Care Of Him With My Own Money, Kelly Khumalo Serves More Tea On Senzo Meyiwa

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At this moment we are all wondering what was going on in the relationship between Kelly Khumalo and Senzo Meyiwa because it is clear that things were not going as well as we thought, now she is coming out guns blazing in an interview saying that the mother of Senzo Meyiwa did not love him.

And that they were only using him as a cash cow to feed themselves and that was the unfortunate thing that was happening, but we also find an incident where she is saying that he used to take all of his money and send it home for his mother to be able to take care of herself and the rest of the family and he would be left broke.

So that is something that is concerning to many members of the public about what really happened in that relationship, and of course we have come to the conclusion that either Kelly Khumalo is lying or she is telling part of the truth but that is not the point at this moment.

She might be talking about irrelevant things at this point because all that people are waiting for is for her to come clean and confesses to the circumstances which led to Senzo Meyiwa getting shot and killed in the day, no one really cares about whether or not they loved him or did not.

Or whether he was broke at some point or not this is something that is definitely irrelevant but she seems to think that the public is going to change their outlook on the family, and see her as a Savior but she is actually also sabotaging her image by appearing to be someone who is very bad hearted for saying all these things.

Her thinking that she can go give out interviews that are controversial like this, that is why a lot of people are simply not in her corner at this moment.


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