A Championship for Safer Births in Tinderet Nandi County

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The county government of Nandi has said it has partnered with Nutrition international to reorient Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) to be birth companions.The county discovered one of the attendant called Jane Rono who had been TBA for more than 15 years.They said Jane does not remember the exact number of deliveries she handled she estimated the number to be between 180 and 200 single mortality.

The county said through the partnership the TBA will increase their knowledge and skills through training,giving them a role in referring and accompanying women to nearby facilities and providing pregnant women with a mix of the personal and professional care that they need and want.

They said Jane was one of the most influential TBAs in Kamelil location thus has emerged to be the best performing Birth Companion in Tinderet sub county.The county said since Jane becoming a Birt Companion She has accompanying more than 80 women to Setek health center,Kamelil dispensary and Meteitei sub county hospital all of whom have safely delivered their babies in a secure environment where they had access to vital skilled health care.They said Jane is now happy for her new role as a Birth Companion and is proud champion for hospital delivery.

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