Iten: Distressed Family Of Agnes Tirop Reveals Why The Suspected Lover Murdered Their Daughter

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Agnes Jebet Tirop was allegedly murdered on 12 October at her home in Iten, Elgeyo Marakwet county . Her husband who was described as the prime suspect in the murder was yesterday arrested in mombasa while attempting to flee from the country in his quest to evade justice .

The news of her unexpected demise shook the whole world of athletics .It became a huge blow not only to the family but also to the entire country and athletic community. Agnes represented Kenya in Doha barely two months ago and secured bronze in the much competitive event .

The family has just broken silence and revealed why their daughter was murdered by her estranged husband. They allege that Ibrahim Rotich wanted to take control of the athlete's vast wealth and this could be the reason why he killed her.

They claim that all estates and lands bought by their daughter were registered under Rotich's name.

Besides , the family further denied knowing Rotich as the husband to their daughter since they had met his parents.

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