The Strong Message That DP Ruto's Double Win Sends To The Deep State In The Concluded Poll [Opinion]


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The just concluded by elections that has been going on in the country has shaken Kenya's world of politics and sent a strong political message to the Deep State. From the shaken deep state, the political coalitions, regional kingpins and handshake situation are all now feeling a pinch. The deep state who have always said that Kenya's politics are steered seems They are getting it wrong this time round.

Dp Ruto's allied party, UDA grabbed 2 seats in the just concluded elections. It was not just a win but a landslide one. This is sending chills within Jubilee party as they were thrashed in their own ground. Despite loosing in Bonchari by elections, Dp Ruto's party, UDA had also amassed huge and substancial votes that could alter any elections results.

As this is witnessed, political analysts have send a message to the Jubilee party and the Deep State to go on soul searching process. To go back to the drawing board to check on where they are getting it wrong. The Jubilee ODM coalition is also shaken after the by election with Hon Raila Odinga claiming that the police were used to undermine voters alleged to be ODM supporters.

While now the ODM Jubilee handshake becomes visibly shaken. Dp Ruto's party are enjoying a growing political influence in Mount Kenya. Something rarely seen in Kenya's politics. Is Handshake dying?