How to Activate all windows for free and permanently.


I will once again welcome you to my page and I will encourage you to like and follow my page for more articles on technology and sports. So today I'm going to show you the simple way to activate all windows for free without paying. And remember what I just said that is free to do that, so u don't need to worry about how you can get paid for something or not. So, for us to not waste much time let's just held on straight to our main topic.

Sometimes when you install new windows (especially windows 8-10) it will tell you to register it or windows not activate. So, to clean this or to register your new or old windows is not all that difficult because all that you need is an internet connection. So, to activate it u just open your web browser and type in and click on enter to search for it. After it has open you will see it will generate some text on your web browser for you, don't do anything to it by adding your own texts or deleting some. All that you have to do is to select all the text by holding that control key plus a CTRL + A. After that, you close your web browser and go to your desktop.

On an empty space on your desktop, right-click on your keyboard and select text document on the pop-up menu that appears. After that open the text document and paste all the text that you copied from the web browser by holding the control key plus v on the keyboard. When you are done click on the file from the menu bar and click on the save as button on the pop-up menu. So when the save menu appears you can decide to save it anywhere but when naming your document type any name .cmd so that it will turn into a cmd file. This is because you are going to use it to activate the windows. After your document is saved as a cmd file go and open it but make sure you run it as administrator and again be sure you still have an access to the internet.

After everything, your cmd will run and activate your windows for you in less than 10 minutes. Thank you all.