“My Husband Has Given Me An Ultimatum To Choose Between My Marriage And My Career” – Lady

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After a phone spat between her husband and partner, an unfaithful mother of four took to social media for advice.

The woman, who lives in Canada, had an affair with another man she met while traveling there on business.

The woman sought advice from a relationship expert after her father insisted on choosing between marriage and career.

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"I cheated on my husband and he gave me an ultimatum to choose between my marriage and my career.

Hello sister Chioma and home. I am a married woman with 4 children. My husband and children live in Canada. I only visit from time to time as I have business here in Nigeria.

I have a girlfriend in Nigeria and have been with her for 6 months. My husband and I have set up our phones so that if you call one and don't pick up it gets routed to the other.

I have a sender's phone that I use to communicate with my lover. My husband does not know the sim. My boyfriend knew about my husband, but I told him we separated so he could feel safe with me.

I don't know how he got my main line. He called my number and couldn't be reached. He called my base line, I didn't answer but my husband did. The meeting was not pleasant.

My friend even got angry at my husband's attack by diverting my calls. Hey, problem solved. My boyfriend broke up with me. I promised my husband that I would never cheat again.

He said he forgave me but I had to move back to Canada to be with him. I have business here in Nigeria. I don't care. He wanted me to close the business and move to Canada or get out of my marriage. What to do?"

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