Reasons PSG Player Refused to Wear Rainbow Jersey

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He shouldn’t expect any support when racially attacked too. See how religious sycophants are ready to attack, while when attacked, they seek sympathy and validation. What you’re failing to understand is we need to stand by each other.His stand against unnatural acts should be respected and emulated. Lgbtq should do their stuff without dragging everyone into their mess.

He clearly discriminated against the lgbtq. But it's absolute right anyway. Now psg should look for ways of disposing him because they clearly have different values. Sexuality is personal if somebody does not subscribe to your ethos don't force them to accept, its that simple.

His decision should respected too why this people serking too much attention do you things we won't bother you and don't force us to respect your decisions period.

We look forward to seeing a community where persons are respected. The same way we respect Muslims, christian and other religions.

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