Harrysong Laments After Discovering That The Single Mom He Was Sponsoring For Two Years Was A Man

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"I am in pains", Harrysong lamented moments after he discovered that the 'single mom of two' he was sending money to was actually a man. The Nigerian singer, Harrison, popularly known as Harrysong let out his pains on social media and notified the public that he had been scammed.

Harrysong was born in Warrior but after spending some time in Port Harcourt, his parents moved to Lagos in 2007. He used to perform at night clubs until he met Kcee who introduced him to top music personalities.

The musician who released 'Reggae blues' explained that he had been sending money to the man and also paying his house rent out of generosity for two years. He thought he was helping a helpless woman without knowing that he was assisting a full grown man.

This is what he wrote, "I have been chatting, sending money and paying the rent of a very ugly man for more than two years now."

What do you think will be the right punishment for the man who scammed the singer.

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