The model that almost beat Tesla.


The Fisker is one of the most despised super car due to its inability to sell off after a bankruptcy crisis. The design vehicle previously owned by Henrik Fisker didn't perform well and it led to the downgrade of the model. The model is set to be on track though. Its power and shape is highly intuitive for an all in one person type.

The 2011 model designed to run on both electricity and engine power was not well sat for due to the shortcomings and overexpectation of the underperfotming vehicle. The electric circuit is designed to give a 161bhp which can perform a total distance of the less 250 counting miles.

Though the model is designed for sport, its 2.0 litre engine produces a 260bhp doesn't really give it. The soul compatibility with speed. You'd be disappointed if you got this vehicle with the intend to own a sporty one.

The Fisker can as well perform a 0~60kmh in less than 2sec on its 20.1kwH lithium-ion battery.

The model is praised to be more efficient in terms of price and its functionability. You can have the fisker to show off though.