Fire outbreak in Kumasi: Dozens of shops burnt into ashes


News is probably everything thing we can't manage without in our day by day life. Every single day there will be another data which should be applicable to individuals in out country. 

Simply this evening, it was accounted for live on Angel TV about a horrendous fire flare-up in Kumasi which annihilated a ton of properties remembering dozen of stock shops for suame Magazine. 

As per the report, four shops were singed into complete cinders as they couldn't recover even a pin. 

Observer account describe that, the fire Outbreak in Suame Magazine in Kumasi This evening was because of illicit power association join by DUMSOR. 

" There were a ton of illicit power association in Suame Magazine and when the DUMSOR happened throughout the night till this evening, it produced the fire. 

Let be cautious about illicit power associations and stay safe. Four Dozen of Shops have been singed to the point of being indistinguishable.