6 Police Officers Saved From Being Evicted in Kirinyaga


The Intelligence Committee in Kirinyaga County has quickly moved to save six officers posted at a police post in Mwea East from eviction.

Image: Kirinyaga County Commissioner Jim Njoka and Other Officers (Courtesy)

This is after the 10-year rent on plot where the six cops have been living for 10 years ended, and the plot's proprietor began buying new building materials to further expand the facilities on the plot.

He said that he agreed with residents from the local area who raised funds to pay for the 10-year period that the police were supposed to be at the area. The officers were brought in to curb the many cases of insecurity there.

Image: Officers maintaining law and order (Courtesy)

Area chief Jim Njoka facilitated an arrangement between Mwea Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and a project worker that will see the officials move to the recently constructed premises after the 10-year lease period.

However, the new facility has not been given to officers following a push and pull between the Mwea CDF and the one in charge of the project, who has refused to hand over the facility citing an outstanding Sh2.6 million debt since 2019.

Nonetheless, after extensive consultations, the two consented to settle the Sh2.6 million debt which will be cleared in the 2021/2022 financial year.

John Muraya, the P.I Community policing chairperson said that the arrangement has come as a big relief to Mwea residents.

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