Reasons Why Prof Mbote Will Be appointed Chief Justice


During her interview for the chief justice, professor Mbote showed that she was ready to turn the tables around by introducing change to better the lives of people. She openly approached different issues promising to help revive them when she becomes chief justice.

One issue that she pointed out was that the JSC was not provided with enough money as has been set by the budget. She promised to extend her connection to an international level to help deal with this situation.

She also said that she would work with her colleagues to help provide education to the judiciary staff without charging them any fees.

She said that she had the specifications of being the chief justice because she had help to built a number of institutions and she had been a leader of the academia world. She added that she pursed her law degree at Strathmore law school. She said to the interviewers that she was the dean of students at the University of Nairobi.

She highlighted that she was not only going to be a leader but also an institution builder. She said that in as much as leadership had nothing to do with gender, she would bring the gift of nurturing because she is a woman.

She said that despite not having done private practices, she was ready to give the position of chief justice her all because she had worked with the judiciary before.

It is great to see that women are stepping up to fight for positions of power. Women and people who are determined to be leaders should learn from her.

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