Use These Bedroom Styles to Increase Your Chances of Getting Twins


The primary source of happiness in nearly all relationships is when it's blessed with a child. It is a signal of hope for the relationship. The excited that the birth of a baby brings into a home is incomparable. When the babies are twins or more, the blissfulness is more than tenfold.


Giving birth to twins may be by chance, through heredity or perhaps surgical process, but the are natural means through which those beautiful cuties can be gotten.

Let's explore some bedroom styles that increase your chances of being called the mother or father of twins.

1. Side-by-side scissoring position;

This is where both partners face each other with their legs in scissoring position for deeper penetration. Owning to how close the man gets to the cervix, the are high chances multiple sperms will get to the cervix for fertilization.

2. Missionary position; this is the most traditional method, where the man assume the top position. This increases your chances since the cervix is properly aligned with the virgina of the woman in this position. This helps the released sperms to easily come into contact with the cervix.

3. The famous doggy style; 

This position also allows for deep penetration, this is because the woman is made to lay on both her hands and knees, as the man "service" her from behind. In the doggy style, due to the depth of the man during the process, the sperms get very close to the opening of the cervix, and this allows the sperms to quickly get to the cervix for fertilization to occur.

4. The legs on shoulders position;

This a contemporary version of the missionary position. In this position, the legs of the woman are held high over the shoulders of the man as she lay on her back on the mattress. This permits for deeper penetration. Besides, the sperms swim quickly to the cervix of the woman for fertilization.

5. Reverse cowgirl position;

This is the opposite of the traditional missionary position. The woman is on top of the man who pays flat on his back as the female controls affairs. The woman being in charge, permits her to properly position herself for the sperms to swim pass the cervix.

If you have the appetite to have twins, try this styles and thank me later.

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