Amiens drops unexpected bombshell to Bongani Zungu, by Zungu has relegated to Amiens reserve team

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Zungu has relegated to Amiens reserve team. He might feature on Saturday, he has been struggling to lose weight, but trust me the boy is not happy here, he's expected to partways with the team soon." said close insider.

He must come back , he eat too much and train less that's not how it works, But he can come back to life at Chiefs look at Dolly.We wanna come back and play for Chiefs .These South African players are whimpers.

Our so called mzansi stars whorepresent us in Europe are real failing ,actually whts went wrong with South African football. Which proffesional Team manager or board member would relase such a statement to the media.I doubt if given opportunity to play in the first team he will play.

,he made it clear that he is leaving and he is not happy there Soo according to coach is that if he was allowed!!he would terminate his contract with Immediate effect but he can't hence he is relegated to 2nd team.



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