Kumasi:Thief Almost Beaten To Death After Breaking Into A Provision Store To Steal Handbag Of Money.


After stealing into a supply store to steal the day's sales, an unidentified robber came dangerously close to losing his life. The event occurred in Kumasi Abuakwa, according to Angel Fm regional journalist Bismark Manu.

How It All Happened

The store owner, a woman whose name was also not given, was about to shut for the day when she went to the back of her store to pee, only to return to find that her purse, in which she had kept her money, was missing.

She began to scream for help as she sensed danger, and lucky for her, someone spotted the thief exit the store and promptly sent a taxi. They pursued him on a motorcycle and arrested him as he attempted to flee.

He was hauled back to the location where he stole the money and was severely beaten. One of the residents, who claimed he had been a victim of thieves for months, went for a piece of wood with six inches of nails on it and forced the thief to sit on it.

The money was returned to the owner, and the thief was handed over to the police for further investigation.

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