Drug Developed To Treat Cancer Created From Herpes Virus


A Japanese researcher has developed a drug that is said to cure cancer. He explained that the drug uses a virus to attack the brain tumor and could be used to cure other types of cancer.

This drug was brought out during an online conference by professor Todo Tomoki at the University of Tokyo Institute of Medical Science. He said that the drug uses herpes virus that is genetically engineered to replicate in cancer cells and destroy them.

The drug was approved last month by Japan's health ministry for a short term acknowledging it's effectiveness on gliomas a malignant brain tumor.

Professor Todo said that the one year survival rate of patients with the brain tumor after receiving standard therapy such as surgery was only 15 percent. He recommended the virus drug as the rate for patients given the drug was 93.2 percent in clinic trials.

The professor says that he has worked with the maker of the drugs and the government to open its way. He added that he was holding clinical trials with patients suffering from various types of cancer to accumulate data.

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