Here are the two ingredients I use To grow a long, shiny and a think hair.

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Have you been having issue's with your hair growth? Don't worry much because you are at the right page and today I will reveal to you some secret on how to have a long shiny and a thick hair, but before I proceed, please if this happens to be your first time of visiting my blog, I will like you to scroll to the top right Hand side of this page and click on the follow button for you to get inform of my latest articles.

Its is every woman wish to have a long, thick and a shiny hair, no lady will want to have. Stunt hair because we all know that it doesn't look nice a d attractive to people around.

Hair lost as a result of dry scalp, dandruff or mutilation fitting to painting is capable of be unsettling and becomes a serious concern to someone, along these lines touching one's air and self-image. As it is every now and then said, 'a female beauty deception in her hair', and a fortunate glooming or long hair tresses sparks attraction and admiration for a person.

In this article, I'll be sharing with you the procedure of preparing Neem oil from just two ingredients, which is Coconut oil and neems leaves for your use and to grow stronger, thicker and more massive hair and also prevent hair breakage or loss.


1)Coconut oil

2)Neem leaves (Dogoyaro leaves)


Get the neems leave, wash it properly and grind it to paste, or you can use a mortar and piston to grind it gradually.

Step 2:

Place your Sauce cook or Pot on the fire, pour in generous amount of Coconut oil into the Sauce analyze or Pot and subsequently heat it up. Next, you gently pour your neem paste into the pan and stir immediately. determined a check the mixture to a aspect boiling age stir it constantly and thoroughly, till you explore that the oil in the sauce criticize or pot has outing green. Turn off the fire and allow the mixture to cool.

Step 3:

You can Filter the oil in the paste to a clean and dry glass then you close the cover.

Now everything I ready for you, your been oil is ready for application to the hair most especially the affected areas, this makes your hair stronger, thicker and shiny. You can also apply the neems oil on your skin, it helps in Toning of the skin as well.

you can apply it when ever you take your bath, apply it as much as you can, and you will be amaze with your hair growth after some weeks you might have start this exercise. You can make it enough for you keeping applying it regularly on your hair, the more you apply, the more it keeps on growing massively.

anywhere you get confuse, you can drop a question below as I comply with immediate effect.

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