'I Said Yes' Rev. Lucy Natasha Surprises Netizens As She Finally Gets Engaged [VIDEO]

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Reverend Lucy Natasha with Prophet Carmel. [All Images | Courtesy / Instagram]

Renowned Kenyan female pastor Reverend Lucy Natasha of the Empowerment Christian Church Nairobi is officially off the market after her recent engagement to Prophet Carmel.

Rev. Lucy is well known in the social scenes from a series of controversies in the past to how she runs her church the Oracle.

A few hours ago, the 'Slay Queen Pastor' took to her official social media account and posted the news followed by a caption that she said Yes.

''I Said Yes! 💍 #NatashaAndCarmel.'' Reverend Lucy Natasha posted on her official Instagram account.

Her proposal and engagement comes shortly after she was celebrating her Personal Assistant's engagement in Dubai where many thought that it was her and even vowed to pray for her to get a man and a husband.

Rose Mwikali, ''It is also time that you get your man Mama Oracle, we will pray for you 👏👏.''

Maggy Akelo, ''Rev. we also need to see the man in your life, we need a spiritual father with you. Tunakuombea 🙏.''

True to their wishes, she is now engaged to one Mr Carmel, whom for now little is known of other than the fact that he is also a man of God, a preacher too, as a Prophet.

Fellow celebrities and Netizens have since sent their words of congratulations with many genuinely happy that she is now engaged.

Essie Davis, ''Congratulations Mama Oracle ❤️ I admire you so much and you are my role model ❤️.''

Prophetess Mwaka, ''Congratulations Our beloved Oracle ❤️❤️❤️so excited for you!!!💃💃.''

Queen Ejededawe, ''Congratulations Rev. I bless your new home with the blessings of GOD. Your time has come 👏👏🔥.''

Real Bonaventure, ''Finally Reverend ametoka kwa streets, Injili iendeleee wale wa kushikwa mikono mko wapi😂.''

Hair, ''I am so so happy for u mummy indeed God's time is the best. A marriage made in heaven God is forever faithful I am next in line to be reveal ❤️❤️.''

Shee, ''I saw that coming😍😍😍the way they were getting comfortable👏🔥 congratulations.''

Reverend Lucy Natasha with Prophet Carmel. [All Images | Courtesy / Instagram]

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[All Images | Courtesy / Instagram]

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