Identify The Mystery and History of the City of Darkness and the Construction of The Great Pyramids.


Darkness is one of the strongest cities and those with a long history in the land of Egypt. Darkness is a city found in the west of the Nile River. Darkness is a city that is built a lot of ballad and terrible size. And even the tallest pyramid is found here in the dark city of Darkness 480 feet tall.

The first people living in Egypt had their god known as the Sun of god, where European Historians and some of them who studied the Egyptian scriptural profession (Egyptiology) called the god Sa-Ra.

Thus the Egyptians at that time worshiped the sun as their god. Thus to obtain a blessing, one had to put his hands toward the sun as a sign of receiving grace from God.

Even Pharaoh Akhenaton and his wife Nefertiti (1353–1335 before Jesus) lifted their children and placed them in the sunshine as a sign of confrontation with their God. So among the areas where there was enough sunlight is darkness.

And it should be noted that the Egyptians believed that there was life after death, so they highly appreciated the dead man. And that's why when the people were buried they were buried with many precious things, and there were others buried in the cemetery similar to the House had everything gold in it. And it should also be noted that the balls were graves.

So since the city of Darkness had enough sunshine, for many monuments were built in the city of Darkness as a symbol of the deceased's deceased god of the sun.

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