Here Is What Sadio Mane Of Liverpool Has Been Doing For His Home Country Making Him Outstanding


For most the young men, getting money to them comes with being extravagancy. Buying poshy Cars, parties and other activities that feels better bro them. Little do they listen to advise as wealth means much to them than anything. This is so different to Sadio Mane whoo a Liverpool Player. He Says that he do not really pay too much attention on buying expensive cars or smart devices. 

His priority is always to make sure his people in Senegal get to their beds with enough food, better hospital services and well equipped schools. He added that not at any given time will he rest until he has made a better impact in his community. Contrary, he is really happy and proud of other footballers who spoil themselves with luxury cars and apartments as it's their money and they also deserve to spend it in their own ways. 

For now he has his own ideas of how to spend. In the future he might also be able to buy luxury things, but for now, he want everyone to be in better conditions back home.

We congratulate him so much for his helpless effort to better the future of his people in Senegal. Not many can do as he is doing, sacrificing all to better other people'se Life.