Is it okay to call your partner in public by his or her real name?(OPINION)

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Understanding that using romantic and beautiful names is one of the common things in relationships, but I also don't believe it's a yardstick to quantify your partner's affection and appreciation for you, as some people tend to retain a high degree of consistency and consistency in what they do.

I've heard some ladies say they 're not in a relationship with the right guy if they can't call their partners "playful" names like "Big Nose" "Cow Head" "Dog Brain" and "Goat Mouth" etc.

In a relationship we should not get anything serious and at the same time we should not give space for unnecessary act.

It's not rude to call me by my first name but to call it like you gave birth to me and the sole administrator of my life in public, that's where I'm going to draw the line.

I think "Dear" would be more fitting. 

Most of the couples I've seen don't call themselves names in public, if they want to talk to themselves they rather go close to one another.

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