South Africans rush to get Covid-19 vaccine over mandate and Omicron fears

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We have had to fight against against and poverty at the same time. Just when we thought the end was near, politicians dropped a bomb on us regarding the new virus.

South Africans are obviously scared of dying and will do anything at this stage. The rise of the new virus that could allegedly kill a lot of people has helped to instill fear in us.

The fear that Omicron might take over has forced many citizens to get vaccinated. People were hesitant to get vaccinated, but now it seems like the government does not have to force anyone.

We have managed to get more people vaccinated more than ever before. South Africans fear for their lives. We guessing everyone wants to enjoy Christmas.

Please drop your comments below. Tell us what you think about the current situation in South Africa regarding the Omicron. Do you think it will get more people vaccinated.


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