Comment: Reasons to not expect your partner to be constantly happy in a relationship

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When you are in a relationship , don't waste time in thinking about negatives. See how best you can allow this relationship to blossom that may end up in marriage.

Find out ways and means to endear yourself, sport a cheerful attitude, think positive and develop good listening skills.

Find out the good points in the person, appreciate, encourage and help each other in performing better. 

Problems are bound to come up in any relationship, so learn to live with problems, learn how to solve them and how to keep unsolved problems pending but never allow anything to come in the way of your happiness.

Maturity in a relationship is not expecting your partner to constantly be happy. 

Ups and downs are natural; giving each other space to feel heavy emotions while staying attentive and actively giving support is a sign of real love. 

Relationships are not about fixing everything for each other, they are about experiencing joyful moments and tough times as a team and loving each other through the changes. 

Sometimes your partner just needs to go through their own process to emerge lighter and freer than before.

You aren’t supposed to be always happy in relationship. Relationship means responsibilities.

And you have to work very hard to carry out the responsibilities correctly.

Most people in a relationship will always want to tell you the happy moments, no one will actually focus on the efforts, the responsibility, compromises & sacrifices one have to do in order to be happy in relationships.

Every relationship will seek attention, and along with every relationship, compromise and sacrifice always comes along.

One who wants to be happy in relationship with their partner, the basic thing to do will be understanding them and getting adjusted in their comfort zone.

One of two has to do this and mostly they are the men. Women do adjust and sacrifice too, but in comparison, men will be just a little bit ahead of them. Women in nature want comfort and expect men to provide that in a relationship.

Every man out there, will want to make his woman happy and for that he will do anything.

It’s not always about happiness, but when in a relationship, some days will be great, some will be good, some may be worst.

And talking about those worst days - you should build a relationship which is very strong, where in your worst days, no matter what happens, you fight with each other, you fight very hard or any other things happens between you two, but at the end of the day, your love should bring you to rest and everything other than love should be kept aside and get resolved.

Because this is the power of love in any relationship. Love can make you fight each other and at the same time it can make you forget everything else but only the love between you matters most and ultimately maturity guiding you to understand how relationship works.

Many obstacles, problems, fights will come in relationships, but the one who loves their partner truly and matured will never ever let these things ruin the relationship or affect the relationship.

There can be fights, there can be misunderstandings but there shouldn’t be separation. Love will never ever let you seperate from each other, because it has the strong bond which will never let you seperate.


Being in relationship is like a roller coaster ride, you need to sit tightly to face whatever challenge comes next and you have to defend it.

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