Bushiri's co-accused labelled a flight risk after R250000 bail.

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A man known by the name Willah Mudolo who is the co-accused of prophet Shepherd bushiri in R102 million rand money laundering case has been granted bail of R250000.

The man originally from Zambia appeared in the Pretoria magistrate Court last week there he was granted bail. the accused had tried to flee the country three times before his initial arrest. He was denied bail I. December for being a flight risk.

In his new bail application the accused claims to have health problems since being in prison.

He claims he has people who he employs that depend on him . He claims he can not generate income while in prison.

The bail comes with many conditions which include the fact that the accused can not leave gauteng province, he was also ordered to hand over his title dead to his R25 million mansion.

Other co-accused include zethu who is Mudolo's wife as well as Lindiwe Ntlokwana. Bushiri and his wife were granted R200000 bail in thee same Pretoria court. The bushiri couple are currently facing extradition so they can come face the law in South Africa.

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