Meet Eva Medusa The Woman Who Went Through Plastic Surgery To Look Like A Dragon

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Mrs Eva Medusa was born in the city of Bruni, Texas. She is a tattoo enthusiast who proudly claimed to be the most modified woman in the whole world.

Mrs Eva Medusa has spent over 6000,000 ksh on series of plastic surgeries just to look like a dragon, as insisted that she would not die as a human after been test positive for HIV.

In the year 1997, Mrs Eva Medusa lived with a man who held the position of a vice president in one of the biggest bank in America. Buy after she was diagnosed of The killer virus, she journeyed round the world in her quest to modify her human body to look like that of a dragon.

She celebrated her 57th birthday this year, and after series of surgeries on her skin, she now possess a forked tongue, series of tattooed scales on her body, and over 8 horns have been installed on her head.

Below are some of her recently uploaded photos.

Before surgery

After surgery

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