Things You Men Do That Hurt Other Men

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There are things that you men do that are hurting other men.A man can do some things that makes his fellow man to be hurt.Here are things you men do that that hurt other men.A

1.Making relationship with their women.Some men have an habit of making relationship with other men's women.They are not satisfied with their women as their only women.When a man realize that you are making relationship with his woman, it hurts him very bad.

2.Borrowing debt without refunding it.Borrowong of money like to take place mostly in men.When you borrow onother man money or anything else and you are not returning back, you make him to be hurt.

3.Making other man to be ashamed infront of women.Some men like to show off themselves infront of women that they are so much superior than others.When you make yourself special infront of women making other man ashamed infront of women, you hurt him very bad.

4.Showing him disrespect infront his woman.Most men does not have good behavior.They can abuse you infront of your woman.When you abuse or disrespect another man infront of his wife, you hurt him.This is because his woman bear in her mind that her man does not have any ability on other men.

5.Underrating other men.So men have capability of owning expensive things and luxurious things while others are not in position to own.They start underrating them that they do not have something that their work is to hustle.This hurt a man most.

6.Trying to fight him while his woman is watching.Some men wants to show other people that they have power to fight other men.When you try to fight other man infront of his woman, you hurt him most This is because his woman sees that she is insecure due do his man lacking power to fight others.

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