2 Unique Places To Visit In Trans Nzoia County


Trans Nzoia county is found on the northwestern part of the country. Residents from this county majority of them are Bantus whom their main economic activity is farming, and they particularly practice large scale farming. That aside, this county is also blessed with beautiful features that tourists can visit and enjoy themselves from.

The first unique place in this county is the Molem Dam. Following its formation, the dam was formed when they were curring out mining of stones from the place, when they were constructing Kitale Lodwer road. The base of the quarry where mining was taking place sunk suddenly and the water level also increased unexpectedly. Reports shows that, a mining machine with the operator sunk and they have never been found. Currently, the area has become so unique because of its outlook, it looks beautiful and people do go their to enjoy the fresh air around it.

Another unique place in this county is the Ndura farm area. The place is so unique as it has various features such as ox-bore lakes, a river, a dam, a hill among many others. People from various parts of the country and also outside the country, do visit to this place to enjoy themselves.

If you are interested in visiting lovely places in this county, then visit the two and have fun from.

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