Families lost their cows due to poison in Mpumalanga.


3 families residing at Bampoen farm in Mkhondo Mpumalanga have lost 14 of their cows after they were allegedly poisoned by farm owner. They say they’ve been staying there for decades and this new farm owner says they should have a maximum 20 cattle in the farm not more than that. 

The life of farm dwellers is difficult in this country. One of the families says that they’ve been told to vacate the farm and they haven’t been given an alternative place to stay. 

There are quite a few of these stories in the Southern Cape. Old farmers shooting livestock; poisoning water wells just because they hate to see african people farming independently from them.

This is just like the laws from Colonial times which transitioned into Apartheid laws, where black people were dispossessed of land and forced to have few animals so they can depend on being cheap labour to survive. Deep social injustice. 

That law still affects black wealth creation up to this day. Then you also hear someone saying only commercial farmers deserve land. These land issues have to be resolved urgently.

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