“We Will Be Tired” Pep Guardiola Sents Message To Fans On EPL Game Against Saints

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Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola urged fans to turn up on Saturday to cheer Man City in their game against Southampton. In an interview with BT Sport, Guardiola confessed that he felt Southampton are dangerous.

“Please, I’d like more people to come next Saturday. We will be tired. Southampton are so dangerous. I invite all our people to come at 3pm to watch our game,” Pep said to BT Sport. Pep was interviewed by the sports journalists just after Man City’s game against RB Leipzig, City won 6-3. The noisy neighbors won their 50th Champions League game struggling like never before. Despite the fact that they were in their own stadium, only a few fans came to watch the late night game. 

A picture of the Etihad stadium with ‘lesser than expected’ fans trended on social media and left other fans wondering whether City’s fans were actually loyal to their club. Pep Guardiola’s sad face in the interview with BT Sport indicated that he did not like the numbers that turned up to watch the UEFA Champions League game. 

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