"Old Is Gold" See A Unique Car Spotted On Kenyan Road That Has Left Kenyans Talking

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Volkswagen Beetle were first made in the 1930s mainly for soldiers before they can be produced for civilians in the 1940s.

It has the record as the most produced car in a single platform ever made in the history of car manufacturing. It is a 4 seater car with innovative design and lightweight gas efficient engine.

The last Volkswagen Beetle were made in July 30, 2003 and since then, no other Beetle has ever been made.

A man has left Kenyans talking after he was spotted with a very well maintained Volkswagen Beetle in one of the Kenyan roads.

He had redesigned the boot side also to accommodate his bicycle to the amazement of Kenyans.

Such classic cars are very rare nowadays on Kenyan roads. Most of them had worn out and sold off as scraps or simply converted into other uses. Such classic cars are very expensive to purchase especially the well maintained ones.

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