Popular Actor Oneal Nyanje Loses Daughter

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 Saida actor Oneal Nyanje and his wife Jenna need your prayers as they try to come to terms with the loss of their daughter.

 The two lovebird lost their daughter, Etana on Wednesday, October 21, Kelebrity.com has learnt.

 News about the death was first made public by Fox River Missions website in a tribute note to baby Etana.

Oneal and his wife. Image: Courtesy

 According to the aforementioned site, Etana was back at home with a nanny when she lost her life.

We have learnt Oneal and his wife Jenna were away, at the hospital for the former’s chemotherapy.

 Fox River Missions reported that Oneal’s daughter wandered away from the nanny and fell in a nearby swimming pool, leading to her demise.

 The couple had welcomed their baby just a couple of years ago and were excited.

 It should be noted the two had prayed for her and tried everything possible to get her.

 They were finally blessed, but then, whatever happened, happened.

 We understands the young one was laid to rest on Wednesday, October 28, mid morning.

 Condolences to Nyanje and his family for the loss and may God be with you during this difficult and trying moment.

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