Lady narrates ordeal she passes through because of her blood brother and asks for advice on forgiveness


Popular Twitter gist supplier PostSubMan had published a story about a lady who needed advice. After reading her story, it moved me and I needed to share it with the rest of the Opera news family.

She really needs our help people. What she is going through because of her own blood brother is very sad and infuriating. It makes me lose faith in the quality of men being groomed.

In Summary, she talks about wanting to forgive her brother for the nasty things he has done to her since she was 16. She admits that even though she wants to forgive and forget, she finds it difficult any time she remembers all the evil he did to her, unprovoked.

Her brother has gone to the point of repeatedly stating that he no longer sees her as his sister. This is a very sad thing. Read the full story below

What advice would you offer her? What is the best thing to do in this situation?

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