Ruto Ally Exposed For Posting Fake Photo Claiming To Be Ruto's Supporters

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On Monday, 17 January, digital strategist Dennis Itumbi, an ardent supporter of Deputy President William Ruto has found himself in a tight spot after sharing a photo through his verified Twitter account. His photo was implying the massive crowd that attended Ruto's rally over the weekend but many Kenyans has criticized him as the photo was fake.

“The picture of support speaks more than the stones and violence." Dennis Itumbi captioned his post.

However, a reverse research on the same photo reveals that the massive crowd was firstly posted on December 8, in Nigerian websites covering the county's population.

Itumbi has since delete the photo and replaced it with the new ones. In the same post, Itumbi claimed that Deputy President William Ruto's opponents had run out of ideas and had resorted to violence to divert attention.

Watch the his full video through this link;

Kindly follow this account for more detailed information please. Thank you for your time.

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