7 Careless Mistakes Men Must Never Make While Planning The Proposal

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You'd think that proposing would be simple. What's so difficult about getting down on one knee and proposing to your partner? The issue is that while proposing is so basic, men can't help but over-think and over-complicate the process to the point that they do some very dumb things. If you don't want to be the guy who buried his fiancee's engagement ring in an ice cream cone (which she ate), avoid these seven blunders before proposing.

1. Assuming she's ready

Just because you're ready for a relationship doesn't guarantee your spouse is. You may find yourself in a difficult situation if you ask your partner to marry you without first learning about their feelings. It may potentially cause problems in your relationship. So, before you ask her, "Will you marry me?" do some research to see whether she is ready. If your partner is ready to marry, she will often leave indications such as pointing to a ring when shopping, becoming pleased about a friend's engagement or marriage announcement, making marriage wish lists, and so on. Be prepared to propose if you receive such green indications.

2. Copying someone else's concept

It's easy to suggest by copying someone else's idea, but don't get lazy, men. As a result, your goal should be to create a one-of-a-kind experience for your companion. Of course, you can get ideas from the different concepts floating around the Internet, but in the end, create something unique, personal, and noteworthy.

3. Telling her you're "settling" is a big no

Hearing a long, drawn-out speech about how "we're not getting any younger, therefore I found you this ring..." isn't exactly romantic. Women prefer to hear that you want to spend the rest of your life with them, not that you're settling because they forced you to. Maybe you shouldn't get married if these are your reasons.

4. Not taking permission from her relatives

We realize it's a little old fashioned, but it's still customary for men to get permission from their girlfriend's family before proposing. You don't have to ask her father, but you should inform someone in her immediate family of your plans to marry her. When it comes to the proposal, your friends and family can be invaluable resources in assisting you in selecting the right ring and planning the perfect proposal.

5. Inadequate planning

Proposing should not be rushed; rather, it should be planned and thoroughly considered. Plan where you'll do it, when you'll do it, and what you'll say.

6. Too many people are being informed about the proposal's plans.

You're probably going to be really thrilled about proposing, so you'll want to tell all of your friends and family ahead of time. However, informing too many people about your plans to propose to your girlfriend risks spoiling the surprise. Keep the number of persons you tell to a bare minimum.

7. Not knowing if your partner would prefer a private or public proposal.

A public proposal might put you and your partner under a lot of strain, so it's not for everyone. However, your partner might want to share the memorable moment with others, so keep that in mind.

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