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Two suspects have been captured for being in control of illicit guns in Muizenberg.

The suspects, 24 and 34, were accused of being in control of illicit guns and ammo.

This is considering the insight about a 14-year old that was captured on the morning of the December 1 2021.

Common police representative Captain Frederick van Wyk said that while officials were watching along St Boniface Street, they saw a dubious individual remaining at a holder.

After seeing police, the individual escaped and was secured between the shacks adjoining St Boniface Street.

Officials looked through him and observed he was in control of a 9mm gun with the chronic number eliminated and 15 rounds of ammo.

The 14-year old has been kept at the Muizenberg police headquarters.

When requested further remarks on whether the area is seeing an increment in youngsters being captured for comparative charges, Captain Van Wyk prompted that their office has no insights of an increment in captures of youngsters in the Western Cape.

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